Content delivered to your
customers on demand 24:7

Potential customers can get all the information they need at their finger tips any time day or night, all by sending
one text message requesting details

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SMS Lead Generation & content delivery

Getinfo is a system that has been developed to deliver information through the use of SMS requests, QR code scanning and mobile websites (optimised for modern smartphones). Delivering information to your potential clients on request 24:7 is a critical business requirement across many different sectors from car dealers, property agents through to hotels/restaurants (showing offers, menus and events).

Using our SMS requesting system, information is delivered straight to a mobile device whilst giving you instant notification of their interest. This notification facility is especially of use for car dealers and property agents where hot leads are of critical importance.

Our system means potential customers have all the information they need at their finger tips 24:7 all by sending one text message.

For more information please click here or call the GetInfo team on 01271 327511

To try the demo send the following text message

'GET EM2 to 60066' *

* Please note all text requests are charged at your standard network rate.