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The GetInfo system is based on allowing people to request information by sending a short text message and the system automatically sending a reply containing the information. The automated text reply contains a summary of the information, a contact phone number and a link to view more details (inc photos) on our easy to use mobile website. For those customers that don't have an up-to-date smartphone, and are unable to view the mobile website, the text system means they can still request and get the summary information sent to their mobile.

The GetInfo system is an ideal tool across so many different business sectors. In fact any business that has a message whether its a promotion, event, details on a property, car or boat or even directions on how to find you! The GetInfo system allows your customers easy access to this information 24 hours a day seven days a week!

It's as easy as 1-2-3 !


Start by sending the text message
in this case - 'Get em2 to 60066'


You then receive the automated reply
with summary details, link to the
mobile website & contact number


Click the link and the mobile website
opens - You can then view the details
make an enquiry or SMS to a friend

GetInfo works in conjunction with your advertising and promotion of your business. The short text message can be added to your advertising in newspapers and online. If you have a particular item to promote like a car or house, then the short message can be used on a property board or display board on a car forecourt.

You can view the full list
of items on the mobile site

Instant notification

GetInfo automatically emails you the details each time a request is made. You get the number of the person making the request and what they are interested in. This is particularly useful if you are selling something as you are getting a hot lead for someone wanting information on a specific thing.

From a customers perspective, they get all the information they need at their finger tips, and when they view the item on the mobile website, they then have access to every other item on your site.

For some businesses the instant notification isn't as important as getting information straight to the people that want it. An example is Longacre Bed & Breakfast, they use the GetInfo system to promote the B&B and have also created a page containing directions. This means they can say to guests; text 'Get lbb directions' to 60066 to get instructions sent straight to your phone and a link to a google map (or the owners can go to their mobile site and send the details straight to the guests mobile using the SMS to a Friend option).

For more information please call us on 01271 327511 or click here

If you would like to see the system working the please try the demo by sending the following text message

'GET EM2 to 60066' *

* Please note all text requests are charged at your standard network rate.